The Netherlands
Webmaster of this website, I have all of the responsibility
Personal Quote: YOU WILL DIE!
Real Name: Martijn
Staffmember Since: The Beginning
Age: 19

The Netherlands
Co-Administrator of the Noob's Shadow Forum, creates graphics.
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Real Name: Sasa
Staff Member Since: December 2004
Age: 15

Deadly Dragon
Co-Administrator, creates Flash animations.
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I hate BE
Real Name: Simon
Staff Member Since: September 2005
Age: 15


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In The Beginning...

Noob used to have a website called Sub-Zero's Realm, but he didn't like to edit the website a lot, untill he got some time to figure out how to make a better website, he also kept thinking why he called himself Sub-Zero, he didn't even like it that much, so he changed his name to Noob, and thus with a new name came a new Website, the one you are currently looking at; Noob's Shadow. He came up with a new layout and he started to work on the website once again, he gathered a lot of information about Mortal Kombat and he put it on the website.

Even if we say so ourselves, everything worked out fine; we hope Noob's Shadow will some day get noticed in Mortal Kombat Online's news.

In August, 2005, Noob's Shadow got a new host and a domain.
Now it has the means to keep the site alive and going.

In conclusion..
In conclusion, Noob's Shadow is continuously updating and expanding, there is still lots more to come.
Come back more often and check our news, and be the first to know!