New Lay-Out
Posted at June 23, 2006 by Noob

Well people, -A-nubis and I are still very busy on working on the website,
but because we thought it allready took us a large amount of time we have allready changed to the new lay-out.
Once the re-designing process is done, we will notify you of it here in the News section.
The re-designing process is at it's final stages though, probably a couple more weeks at most.


Merry X-Mas
Posted at December 25, 2005 by Noob

I wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year
and don't blow off your fingers with them fireworks.


Ain't Dead
Posted at December 7, 2005 by Noob

I thought it might be a good idea to tell everyone out there, we ain't dead yet.
In fact, I'm planning to do a small update soon and a bigger one later on.
Check back often for updates which will be posted here in the News section.


New Forum
Posted at September 7, 2005 by Noob

I'm happy to reveal that our new Forum is now officially open for the public.
Me and -A-nubis have been designing and configuring it for the past week.
There might be some little errors on the Forum, if you find some, please notify us via PM (Private Message) or via E-Mail
Also if you have any comments (either good or bad) or recommendations, tell us as well so we may improve our Forum even more.


New Domain
Posted at September 1, 2005 by Noob

I am happy and proud to announce that Noob's Shadow now has a real domain and hosting.
From now on you can visit us here:


New Domain
Posted at August 27, 2005 by Noob

I have just bought a new domain and professional hosting for this website, I don't know exactly when it will be up but the new link will be:
I will post a new message here in the News department when everything is done.


New Staff Member
Posted at August 25, 2005 by Noob

I have invited Deadly Dragon (from to be a staff member of Noob's Shadow which he accepted,
Deadly Dragon will be making Flash animations for the website, if YOU think you're good enough to be a staff member then E-Mail me.


New Affiliate
Posted at July 23, 2005 by Noob

I just recieved an e-mail from |NS| (co-owner of who wished to affiliate which I accepted.
I hope we will get more visitors but at the same time also for of course.


Posted at July 7, 2005 by Noob

I have decided to keep going with Noob's Shadow as I am now, but together with Anubis, we have decided to start working on the website again. Some things you can expect to make an appearance are:

1. A new intro
2. A new banner
3. We're gonna update the information
4. Remove the chatroom since no one ever uses it
5. A new forum

I'm also thinking of having more people as Staff, so if you think you have what it takes to become a Noob's Shadow Staff Member, send an e-mail to me with: Your name, a reason why you want to become a Staff Member, and why we should let you become Staff Member (like being able to produce some superb work with Flash, PHP, etc.)

Domain and Host
Posted at January 15, 2005 by Noob

I'm going to purchase a domain and hosting for my website,
I don't know when I get my money to buy em but I'll let you guys know.
The new domain will be


Happy New Year
Posted at December 31, 2004 by Noob

Happy new year to everyone. We will be happy see you guys back in 2005.
Don't blow off your fingers and shit when blastin' the goddamn fireworks.


New Forum
Posted at December 11, 2004 by Noob

Today I've created a new Forum together with Anubis,
The lay-out is much better and I hope it will be used much more then the old one.
All members should re-register.
Hope to see you guys posting at the boards.


More Info On MK : Deception
Posted at December 10, 2004 by Noob

Today I have added the Fighter's Profiles for MK : Deception,
I will add the Story and Endings later, as I have to go to a friend to get all the info.
Expect to see all the info by the end of next week.


Better Security
Posted at December 2, 2004 by Noob

Today I have encrypted my entire website's source code so no one can steal the source code from it.
If you want to know how I built this website, just ask me instead of instantly ripping the lay-out and stuff.
You can contact me on noob[DOT]saibot666 [AT] gmail [DOT] com, for either e-mail or MSN Messenger


No More Sponsors
Posted at November 23, 2004 by Noob

Today I've replaced the counter with a new one with no sponsor,
I have also found a new guestbook with less sponsors in it,
eventually I will try to get a website with no banners and sponsors or whatsoever.
I'm taking the messages placed in the old guestbook with me to the new guestbook.


Mortal Kombat Gold Endings
Posted at November 16, 2004 by Noob

Today I've replaced the MK Gold endings,
the new movies are of higher quality and smaller in size, so it saves bandwith.


Mortal Kombat Deception Secrets
Posted at November 11, 2004 by Noob

Today I've added some secrets for Mortal Kombat Deception, namely;
Random Character, Alternate Costumes and the contents of the Krypt!
I've also got a list of all the fatalities and hara-kiri's, you can check it out at the MK : Deception department


New Banner And Chatroom
Posted at November 9, 2004 by Noob

Today I've made a new banner and a chatroom. I also added a pic at the MK Deception department.
If I think up more ideas for an even nicer banner, it will surely find its way onto my website.
For the chatroom, chat away people


New Host
Posted at November 1, 2004 by Noob

Today I've transferred my site to a new host, this means the MK 4/Gold endings are up again!
Many thanks for the hosting goes to Peter Issa!
He's a friend of mine who makes MK skins and maps for Unreal Tournament 2004, if you want some of his work contact him here
I've also deleted some links because the websites do not exist anymore.


New Pictures
Posted at September 28, 2004 by Noob

Today I've added 2 new pictures of Mortal Kombat Deception which is coming out on October 5th 2004 for Xbox and PlayStation 2 consoles.


More Games Added
Posted at August 19, 2004 by Noob

Today I've added Mortal Kombat Advance and Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition in the Games Section.


New Sections
Posted at Agust 10, 2004 by Noob

Today I've added the News Section, the Staff Section and the Fan Art Section, I also added some more information about MK Movies,
I will keep on updating this website as much as I can, keep on coming back for more news and updates.
Please note that the MK4 and MK Gold Endings are turned off due to not enough webspace,
they will be back somewhere in September when I will be transfering to a new host.