When performing a kombo & you hear Dan Forden yell "Toasty", immediately press DOWN + START. The words "Toasty 1000" should appear in the middle of the screen and you will be awarded 1000 exp points.


When your health is low & you happen to be near a save point, save your game there. As soon as you return to the game, your health will be full!


Complete all 5 of Smoke's missions.


Locating Smoke:
Smoke is located in the Living Forest. There is an area with a river running through it. Jump across the first section of the river tol find a living tree and 4 clay statues in front of a stone structure. You must throw one of the clay guardians into the wall to break it. 

This will open Smoke's area.

Smoke Mission 1:
Go to the Soul Tombs. Now go through the door with the green mark above it.

You will have to fight Tarkatas.

Throw them into the back wall until you reveal a full fatality code made of stone. 

Smoke mission #1 is complete.

The best way to throw them the Tarkata is to run at them and grapple with black, then hold the analog stick in the direction you want to throw. This keeps them flying low so they are less likely to be impaled on the roof.

Now return to Smoke.

Smoke Mission 2:
You must find the Warriors Arena. Backtrack to the first area when you started this stage. A bridge was destryed the first time you were here. To the left of that bridge is a ledge to jump to. Follow that path until you see statues that require the fist of ruin to break them. Break them and move to the next area.  

Smoke mission #2 is complete.

Return to Smoke.

Smoke Mission 3:
Go to the soul tombs. You will see a cutscene showing a new room. Go into that room. Do not kill ANY of the Tarkata!  You need all three to sacrifice.

Throw 3 Tarkatas in  3 different torture devices.

Smoke mission 3 is complete.

Return to Smoke

Smoke Mission 4:
Go back to the portal area by the Evil Monestary. Throw a guard into the purple portal located there.

Now go down the ramp to the area below the wall that leads to the soul tombs. Throw another guard into the purple portal.

 Smoke mission 4 is complete.

Return to Smoke.

Smoke Mission 5:
Smoke will open a portal. Enter the portal.. You will now have to battle enemies on top of the Pit 2 stage.

Once completed, go back through the portal and talk to smoke to unlock Mortal Kombat 2 from the Kontent menu.



Ermac - to fight Ermac go back to the beginning (the part after you beat Goro’s Lair and make sure that you have the Fist of Ruin and the Swing ability) Jump across the gap with the spikes and break the statue. Go inside and go all the way to the left. Jump onto the ledge and swing across to the other side and interact with the statue there and the door will open. Go inside and go all the way to the left and interact with the statue there about 3-4 times and it will break open revealing…ERMAC!

Mileena - Go to the Living Forest and go to the first save point (make sure that you have the Swing ability) and you will notice that there is a branch that you can swing from. Swing from them and hang on to a ledge and jump up to the wall that you can climb on. Climb all the way up and you will be taken to a secret area. Go all the way through the area and you will fight Mileena along with 2 masked guards with her (I suggest that throw the Masked Guards in the portal before you start fighting Mileena).

Kano - Before you go out and fight Shang Tsung, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn, you will notice that Kitana is locked up in a cage, talk to her 3-4 times and a gate will open. Go through the gate and you will see Jax free Sonya. He will accidentally release Kano and you and Jax will fight him.

Kabal - He is not really a boss but when you find him you will get a lot of experience. Go to the Wastelands and pick up one of the swords. Climb up the wall and jump over the small gap. Before you go on the bridge you will notice that there is a place where you can wall jump. Jump up there and cut the bodies that are blocking the path. In the new area there will be Shokan throwing boulders at you. Dodge the boulders and make it all the way to the top where you will see a cut-scene where Kung Lao cuts a cage down with Kabal locked inside it. When you release him he will drop his hookswords so that you can use them. After the cut-scene there will be experience all over the place.


Long Jump - Beat the Oni Warlord

Fist of Ruin - Beat Kitana, Mileena, and Jade

Wall Climb - Beat Reptile

Wall Run - Go back to the burning Wu-Shi academy and break the Statue with the Fist of Ruin and jump down and get the Wall Run ability

Wall Jump - Beat Baraka (if you don’t have the wall run ability after you beat Baraka go through the portal that takes you to the Burning Wu-Shi academy and get the wall run ability) then run up the wall and get the ability

Double Jump - Beat Goro (Leave the stage & then return after killing Goro to get a secret koin)

Swing Ability - Beat Goro and go back to the area before it and go up the stairs and there will be a portal (go in it) and hit the enemies on to the hooks and the ability will appear in front of the door


Health Upgrade 1 - At the beginning when Johnny Cage opens the armory so that you can get a sword and right next to the broadsword is the Health Upgrade

Health Upgrade 2 - At the Living Forest after you beat Reptile and get the Wall Climb ability, go to the entrance of Reptile’s Lair. Next to the tree you will see some vines and a wall that you can climb up, climb up it and get the Health Upgrade

Health Upgrade 3 - At the Wastelands, go up the wall and cross the bridge and before going into the next area, go all the way to the left and get the Health Upgrade

Health Upgrade 4 - Beat Kano before you go out and fight the final boss battle. Kitana is locked in a cell, talk to her 3-4 times and a gate to the right will open. Go through the gate and you will see Jax free Sonya. Kano will fight you. Once you beat him Jax will give you the Health Upgrade NOTE: When you fight the final boss fight, there will be extra  health where Sonya used to be. Access it by standing in front of it & pressing the button when prompted.



Story Mode Scorpion - Beat the game with Liu Kang

Story Mode Sub-Zero - Beat the game with Kung Lao

VS. Mode Scorpion - (Foundry) Run to the area where the 2 demon archers comes out. Grab & throw one them at the left wall by the Door that leads 
to the next area. Then grab the other archer and throw him into the lava. Use the body on the lava to 
get to the ledge. 

VS, Mode Sub-Zero - (Wasteland) The Wasteland portal is located on the top right of the area that leads to the Foundry level. Fight Sub-zero. After the battle,  
jump on the boat with Sub-zero and Fight the skeletons until you reach the other dock area. Before you open the door, go to the left and jump up onto the statue.

VS. Mode Reptile - (Living Forest) Near the Platform Jumping area near the beginning of that level. 
There is a Pillar to the right side. Grab a  Soldier and throw it into the pillar. Then backtrack to the level before and 
look by the waterfall area. 

VS. Mode Kitana - (Evil Monestary) The room where you obtain the Mutality move (There is 1 Priest floating in the background)
Before you go up to reach "Kitana, Mileena & Jade Fight" you 
will see the Red Portal on the right side of the room. Jump on the pillars next to the steps to access the roof area  to get the red koin on the roof.

VS. Mode Johnny Cage - (Wu Shi Academy on fire) There is a tower with a koin to the right side of the rear of the level above the first pump. It is behind the rock.

VS. Mode Baraka - (Soul Tomb) In the room near the helldemon that had 2 levels, the upper door has a railing. The dragon is on the other side of the railing. You have to jump around the opposite way to get the dragon since you cant jump over the railing.