Level 1: Warehouse

Directly to your left are two guards, so head over there and dispose of those two. If you take too long, another guard will head your way and gang up on you as well. If you dispose of them quickly enough, you will find him up ahead towards your right. (Sometimes, if the guards keep blocking your attacks, you should just run off for a second, then come back and start attacking them again. You can also just use a special move, but that will take away from your special move meter.) After killing the guard, you should go down to the garbage can. Pull it out with the X button and up. Now go inside the area to find a free life. You could've also done this at the beginning, but this way is fine. Now go back and open the door. The next room should have about 5 guards around the place. They're a piece of cake though, so don't worry. Just take them out with the Git Some Suka combo. If you head to the right you will see a table. Climb on there (D-Pad and Triangle) and get a small medipak. Now head back towards the center of the room and go up until you see an elevator. The power is out, and you need to turn it on. Keep going till you reach the wall then head left. Go down the stairs, and down there is a guard. If you head down, you will notice that there is an elevator there as well. Of course, you can't use that one either because the power is out. Head forward, then when you have a chance to go right, do so. The power room key is down there, so go get it. Now go back near the desk that you ran by, and head straight down that hall, then make a left. In there you will find a 9mm clip. This will be used for the machine gun that you will find next. Go back upstairs, pass the elevator, then head right. When you come across a door, go in there. There's the machine gun. Now exit the room and head right, where you will find yourself outside. Outside, there are 3 bad guys. You can either aim and shoot them from the stair way, or go down there and fight them. They're really easy, so it would be best on your ammo just go down there and beat them up. After that, head forward towards the room. This is the power room. In the upper left corner is the power switch, so go there and press X. Checkpoint! Now return to the elevator. Head up to the 4th floor. Right outside the elevator is a 9mm clip, so get that. There are two guards, and one is armed with a machine gun. Be careful. The easiest way to get by is first let the unarmed one come over there, then head over to the other. After disposing of him, run by his corpse till you find a 9mm clip. Once you kill guards that are armed with guns, you can take their ammo. Go to the room on the left. Right near there is a guard. After taking him out, go behind that chunk of wall to recieve a large medipak! On the lower left of the room are two guards as well. Keep heading down then go right. At the right of this room is a detonator. There is a crack in the wall right in front of the detonator, but there is no need to break it. It leads right back to the elevator. So just head back to the elevator the way you came there. Now head to the third floor. Go ahead and take out all the guards (around 5) around this area. Now if you notice near the elevator is a small hall with rocks. There happens to be a big crack here, so place the detonator there (press select, go to items/weapons, then press X on detonator.). Move back, because the explosion is pretty big. Head in there, go up then right to find the security keycard. Now go back to the elevator, then head down, make a right. Now before entering that room with your security keycard, there is a crack on the upper third wall. Open that crack up with your detonator to find a large medipak. Now open the door at the very right, then head up. On the right of the wall in the room is the fire alarm. Press X! Checkpoint! Time to go down to the 2nd floor, so head back to the elevator. If you are low on health, give yourself a small medipak, as guards will be back in the area that you cleared. Once you have arrived to the 2nd floor, go up and search the right lower part of the room for a 9mm clip. Get out and go to the room across from the elevator to get a medium medipak. Go back to the main room then head down, then make a right, then go down, then another right! If you head up then right to the next room, you will find the fire exit ahead. However, there is a guard with a machine gun in that room, so be careful! Open that door. It will take a few seconds to load where you are, so don't be afraid that you are stuck. Head straight up and get the medium medipak. On the right is the boss' room, No Face. The best strategy for him is to let him throw all his dynamite while you dodge them. Don't come too close to him, or he will chase you with a flame thrower. Anyways, after he has finished throwing his dynamite, he will pull out a flame thrower and do a pattern of sweeping left, then right, with the flame thrower. After doing this, he will pause for a second. Here's your chance to get close, and do your combo. If you want to brawl with him (and he will fight back), stay there, but best advice is that you run away if you don't want to take damage. He will then chase you for just a second with the flame thrower, then begin to throw dynamite again. Just repeat the process. By the way, if you haven't noticed, there is a medium medipak at the upper right of the arena your facing him in. After defeating him, exit through the door on the right.

Level 2: Sewers

Your mission for this part of the level is to find access codes from computers and use them to open doors. Don't worry if you forget one, they're in your inventory under messages. So, head left to get started. Above is a door you need to open with an access code, so go down. On your right is a sniper cartridge, for the sniper rifle you will be picking up shortly. Head all the way left, then go up to pick up a medium medipak and access a code. Now head down, and keep going down and you'll enter a room where you have an opportunity to get another access code. Go back to the beginning where you had a locked door. Yep, you can open it now. Climb the ladder to enter a room which contains the sniper rifle and the final, third access code. Go forward. Here's the part that is annoying, because you can't see due to the fog. Each hall in the intersection has a guard with a machine gun. Go right first so you can get a small medipak. Do it quick, so the guard will still have his back turned. Now you can go to the hall straight or go left. It doesn't matter, they end up in the same place. TIP: Go left; it may be a tad easier. After going left, go directly straight and open the door. Drop all the way down. It won't kill you, nor even take a portion of your life. Go straight and open the next door. Navigate the platform, shoot some guards on the way, and make your way down to the floor below. Once you're down, you should see a sniper cartridge lying around, so get that. Now go to the center platform, and press X on the console. Enter the access code 3129. This comes from the access codes earlier. The first message spelled 3, the next assembled 12, so on. Head back upstairs and you will see a big door opened on the center of the wall. Go through it. Congrats, you beat part one of this level. Your next mission is to find keycards to get your way around to the boss' (Tasia) room. Pick up the sniper catridges around and keep heading straight, till you get to the next intersection. Travel across the left wing, then go up a little bit so you can shoot the guard over there ahead of time. Now go all the way down and pick up a small medipak. Now head back up where you killed the guard and keep going up till you see a door which you can open. In there will be another hall until it splits to left and right. It doesn't matter which one you go, because you have to go both ways anyway. TIP: Go right then, since there is only one guard there. Open the door at the end of the hall to get some shotgun shells. Now head all the way to your left, open the door at the end, and at the lower left of the room is a keycard. Now exit this place (no, not abort mission!!), assuming you know how too (backtracking). Now head right till you reach the end, and right above is the door you needed to open with that keycard. Climb the ladder ahead, and then you will end up at another intersection. Go to the left hall first to recieve a large medipak near the end, then go back to the intersection and enter the hall ahead. Keep going forward till you have a chance to go right, then do so. When you have a chance to go straight, go ahead, and keep going till you reach a door. Open it and get the keycard located on the lower center of the room. Now backtrack (go down, turn left when you get the chance, etc.) until you see a door ahead of you. Go there to open it, then you are finished with this part of the level. Your next mission is to straighten the bridge at the center of this area so you can reach Tasia. Go all the way up and go through the platform till you reach a door and open it. Go through to the next door on the right. In this area you will run into an enemy which when killed, you can pick up his shotgun. Anyways, head right, cross the body of water through the minibridge, then go up the stairs on your right. At the end (down), is a door. After opening it, navigate your way to the room which contains the keycard and grab it. Go all the way back and go down the stairs. Cross the minibridge again and go through the opening at the center of this area. Keep going straight and open the door. There are three consoles which moves three parts of the bridge on this platform. So far, you can only move the first part of the bridge, which can be done so by pressing X at the first console you come across. The rest need keycards. Go straight till you see a door on your left, and open it. Jump down the ladder and go open the door on your right. Go all the way up and you will find a large medipak. Now go down and head right, then proceed up. Go past the door till you reach a dead end. Grab the shotgun shells. Now climb on the blocks on the left, and walk back. You will run into another shotgun (just incase you haven't ran into the enemy who had one before). If you already have one, you'll just recieve some shotgun shells. Now climb down and keep going back till you run into the door you passed before. Open it and climb up. Open the next door, and head straight till you reach the end and open the door on your right, then keep heading right. When you see a door ahead of you, open it. Inside this area near the end is a medium medipak. Open the door at the end of this area (down), and pick up the keycard. Now exit the two doors you just went through and keep going down a long hall. Eventually you will turn left and see a door. Open it to get the final keycard. Now go back to those three consoles you saw earlier (backtrack, and if you need help, just look above). Press X on the two other consoles you couldn't do so earlier to move the bridge, then go down and go through the door. Go right and you will see the bridge you just straighten ahead. Cross it to reach Tasia. There's a medium medipak in there as well as a detonator, so get them. Defeating Tasia is somewhat similar to that of No Face. At least that's my strategy so far. After throwing her purple-exploding grenades, she will start to chase you. There's 4 orbs around her, one that will chase you. They will not hurt you, but they will stop you from moving for a second. It's not much of a problem unless she starting to throw her grenades. Anyways, when she starts to chase you, try to get to her by the gap between the three orbs. Open up a combo on her, then run away. She will dissappear, then reappear and start her pattern all over again. Repeat till you defeat her. This is the easiest way to beat her. The screen will blackout as she dies.

Level 3: Towers

Your first mission is to find the keypad codes to gain access to the elevator leading to the main office. Exit the room heading down and look for a car on your left. Walk up to it and check it's license plate. The access codes come from the license plates, so check each car. After getting the license plate, head down, then run all the way left to the door on the lower left. In the upper left corner is a switch to open the garage door. Do so. Now walk out of the room and check the cars in the nearby parking lot. Now go through the garage door and head left, then check the two cars in the nearby parking lot. Ahead of you is a door which needs an access code, but you are missing a license plate. Go right, then head down to find the last car. Now come back and enter the code 82931. This should open the door. In front of this door is a car, so check that, then head left. There should be another car on the lower part of the screen; check that as well. The last one in this place is ahead, and right beside it is a large medipak. Now head back and go up the parking lot, checking the last car in this whole place. Be careful, this is the first guy to have a machine gun in this level. At the dead end is the place to input the access code, which is 97482. Go in there, and look for a small yellow room. Go in there to get a red key. Head back the last two garage doors you opened via access codes, then go right to a room where it has a bunch of glass windows. Open the door, then go straight and press X at the elevator to exit this part of the level. In this next mission you are to go up a gold elevator after meeting a special agent. Note, in this part of the level, the enemies are usually armed, so becareful. Go up the stairs, then beat up the guard at the desk. Now head up. On your left is the golden elevator you will exit this part of the level with. Keep going straight till you end up with a door on your left. Open it, then head down the room where there is a rug. There is the C Room Key. Now get out of here, and go right, then go down, and head downstairs. There's nothing on your left, so go right. Go past the lockers, then go down the dark hall. Keep turning directions, and follow it. You will eventually come up to a door near the end on your right, so go in there to find a free life and a BR key. Go all the way back and head up stairs, and go left, till you see the first door. Go in there, then head left to find a computer. Press X, then check your inventory/message screen. There's a red-haired agent downstairs waiting for you, so go back downstairs towards the lockers. She will lead you to a certain locker, which when opened will contain a SP key. Now go back upstairs and go all the way left inside the room you opened earlier till you see another door. Open that and inside on the lower left is a large medipak and a rocket launcher. Now head back near to the beginning of the level and ahead, on the right of the desk, is a door. Open it so you can reach the computer to grant access to the golden elevator. Now go there, which I showed you where earlier, to exit this part of the level. Now you are to find Jarek and kill him. Head down and exit through the door on your right. Now keep heading right till you find a fenced gate. Open it, and climb the ladder ahead of you. Keep going straight till you see a branch to the right, then head that way. Climb down the ladder, then head left and pick up the detonator over. Next, you are going to detonate some windows. Go to first person view, and look for a crack on a window. Detonate it, then jump down the ladder. You should find a medium medipak. Now climb back up the ladder and go right to the next set of windows. Put a detonator on the same place you did the last one, and move. Climb down the ladder and here you will find a bronze key on your lower right. Go back up the ladder and get back to the main straightaway. Keep going straight till you see another branch to the right. Go that way and head down the ladder, then proceed left. You will find a small medipak. Now go down to get your detonator. Detonate the glass set on the right, and in there is a medium medipak. Now head back to the main part of the platform, and keep heading straight till you reach a dead end. Go and open the door to your left. Access the computer, then head right to open the gate. This is where Jarek hangs. He's pretty easy. There's a medium medipak in his area by the way. First he will throw four sets of blades. Next he will either motion you to bring it or throw a fire orb. If he tells you to bring it, just keep pressing X at him, but don't do it too long or he'll start punching back. He'll do his pattern over again, and eventually it will take longer for him to tell you to bring it. Just repeat the process and he will fall.

Level 4: Sinkiang

In this next part of the level, you are to find three different stones to place on top of three different altars. Be careful to not fall off the edge at the very end of this place. Now, go back to where you came from (where you're right below the MK logo). 4 tiles (floor) on the left is a crack. Detonate it to get the first stone, the emerald. Go back and move up 9 tiles. On your right is another crack, so detonate that. Here are a bunch of red cubes piled up. You need to push the third column of cubes, which you can do so by pressing X and the right direction. Follow the path, then push the pile of cubes forward. When they can't move anymore, head left and pull the lever. Now go back to the piles of red cubes, and push the next one; the fourth one. Follow the path, push the pile of cubes forward, head right, and pull the lever (it's in front of you). Now go back to the pile of cubes and exit the room. Move up 12 tiles and detonate the crack on your left. Inside is the altar of Princess Adrina. However, you do not have the proper stone yet. So head out and open up a door on your near left. Inside is a grenade launcher and some grenades. Get out and go forward. Soon enough you will reach a hall on your right. If you have trouble finding it, just keep leaning right on the wall while going foward. Anyways, go through the area till you find a room on your left, where in the middle lies a computer. Pressing X on the computer will lower the lift so you can cross the gap between two areas. Go back out, and go forward all the way. You will come across the lift you lowered, which you should cross. After arriving to your destination, look for a door on your left. After opening it, access the computer to lift the, um, lift. Now, whatever you do, don't go back, unless you want to die and start all over again (not necessarily the warehouse). Leave the room and go forward all the way. Right next to the exit of this part of the level is the stone amethyst. Go ahead, pick it up. Now go back and look for a hall on your right. Go right, head all the way down, then look for a room on your left. Go down, and look for a blue key. After that, proceed left past the lift. If you keep going left, then go down, you will see the final stone, the ruby. Now jump down the cliff and go down, and take a right. You are back to the first part of this area. Go up, to almost the very end, where there is a hall on the left. Go through it until you see a door on your left. Open it to find the altar of Queen Rhiana. Go to the inventory, go to items/weapons, and press X on the ruby. Now go to the stack of red cubes, and push it. You will see a free life. Now get of this room and go to the main hall. Now head down till you see a hall on your right. Go through it and access the computer. This is to relower the lift you brought up earlier. Now go back to the main hall, and go down till you see a door on your right. Open it up and you will see the altar of Queen Eliza. Give her the emerald. Now leave the room, and head down, skipping the first opening on your right and going into the second. Here lies Princess Adrina's altar. Give her the amethyst. Now you're set. Leave the room and head all the way straight. Open the Mortal Kombat door to clear this part of the level. On your left in this room is two sets of blocks. Go to the further one, and climb up the first two blocks. On top of the second block is a small medipak. Now go forward to jump down, then climb back up. Now climb to your left to get the grenades. Now go to the further right block to find the way out of this room. As soon as you get out, head right and climb up the next level (floor) and the two blocks, where there is sniper cartridges awaiting. Now pull out your sniper rifle and take out the man on the right of the ramp. Jump down and go half way down the ramp then pull out your sniper rifle again. Look for a man on the left, and take him out. Walk to the end of the ramp, and look on the center left for the last man in this room. Kill him, then go back up the ramp. Jump down to the lower floor, then keep heading left and climb. Run down this walkway to get some grenades and a gold key. Now go back and jump down, then climb the floor to your right, keep going right, jump down, and climb up the floor on your right. Run down this walkway to get some rockets and a large medipak. Now jump down from here, and get the three men's ammo from the men you killed. Now walk up the ramp ahead. If you hurry, you can snipe a guy in front of you. If you're too slow, he'll walk right. Then you'll have to walk halfway down the stairs, stay on your left, and snipe him down. Near him is a guy on the bottom of the stairs. Snipe and shoot him as well. There's a guy on the left, so look for him. After killing him, go up the stairs on the right, and access the computer to move the plank ahead. Now you can go over there and exit the level, or go the right, take on three men, and get a medium medipak. So go ahead and maneuver your way to the plank and walk towards the portal. You are now going to face Tremor. His patterns are like those before him. He throws a fireball that splits onto 4 small ones. If close and slow, he'll pound the ground, causing damage to you. Try to get close as he throws his projectiles. He'll try to pound the ground, but if you're fast enough, you'll catch him. Try to move in close and mash on X like crazy. If you can't kill him like this because he starts punching you and kills you, just take it one step at a time and do combos. When he dies, walk up to the red portal to leave the stage.

Level 5: Outworld

Your mission for this part of the level is like that of the tomb part of Sinkiang. You are to find two stones for the two king tombs. The enemies on this part of the level are not armed. However, they are much stronger, and take a longer time to kill. Special moves will not kill them as easy this time either. Go forward, then left, and kill the guards over at that area. At the very end of this area is the altars of King Kang and Tsung, as well as the end of this part of the level. Now head back, and go right. There are two enemies over there. An easy tactic to kill the enemies in this level is to use the Super Uppercut combo on them and knock them off the edge. There's an enemy on the very right of this platform, though it doesn't lead anywhere. Go down, towards the purple lighting. There will be a portal. After entering it, go left, then up to get the shotgun cartridges. Go to the center to recieve a stone called the Dragon Eye. Go back and head left to a platform, and there is a medium medipak and a portal. After going through the portal, head left, then up to get some rockets. Go back, and go right. Near this right is a chance to go down, so do so, but be careful you don't fall down. When you can't go down no further, go left. When you get to the square platform, go straight and keep going straight into the red portal. You will now land on a purple polygon figure. Go straight, then go left. When you get to the square, head down, and watch your step. In fact, this next part you will really need to watch it. On your left is a series of squares that are not aligned properly. Try to get in the center, and walk a straight left to get through. Sometimes you will have to align yourself with the next block. It's pretty easy to go through if you take diagonal steps also, but watch out, because the controls are kind of touchy. If you fall, you have a chance to land on a green turf, which when you follow through the place, ends you back at the purple polygon, which you'll need to start over. At the end is a portal, so walk through it. You will fall onto a small square area with a fence. When you walk toward the upper part, it will ask you to move bridge. Do so, then step back into the portal, and make your way back through the unaligned blocks all the way to the beginning, and go right this time. An easier way is to fall off the blocks, but you risk a chance of missing the green turf if you're too far away. Anyways, head all the way right, and keep going right, crossing the bridge. Once you are at the other side, stop, and go down the ramp, then head left. Straight ahead is another dragon eye. Now go back all the way to the beginning (the intersection), and this time, go straight, and walk into the portal. You are back at the other part of the level (where you were earlier). Cross the bridge, then go down. Head all the way left, then go up where the two altars lie. Give them both the dragon eyes (Red Dragon Eye for Tsung and Purple for Kang), then go to the portal and press X to exit this part of the level. Jump off the cliff you are on to get the large medipak below, and immediately head straight. In the next room at the upper right is a sniper cartridge, so get that. Keep going straight, and you will end up at a intersection. The left is the end of this level, while the path ahead and on the right lead to power ups. If you are eager to beat this part of the level, skip to the next paragraph. Go ahead and head forward. There's nothing on the left, so head for the right path. At the end of it is a large medipak. Now go all the way back to the three- way intersection, this time heading right. Go down when you get the chance, as there's nothing when you keep going right. Head right, then go up the first path. Again, there is nothing on the second path. At the end of this platform is some rockets. Now head back to the main three-way intersection. This time, go left, then head down. Go left, until you are half- way through the bridge. Jump down to the platform below you, then go down. Go left, then up the bridge, and at the end is sone shotgun shells. Now go back, and head up. Go right, and when you get the chance, go down. Jump off the ledge and onto the portal. No, you haven't beat the level yet, but almost. Head straight to finish this part of the level. In this last part of Outworld, I just want to forewarn you that these enemies are armed. Now, climb up the low wall on the right, then climb the wall ahead, then onto the pillar. Now go left, and climb up the next pillar. Head straight, then go right. Cross the bridge, and go up to the pillar to get a large medipak. While you are up here, you might as well snipe out the enemy on the level below. Now go back to the bridge, and jump down. Look for a path on the right, and take it. When you see a ladder, jump down it. Open the door below. Head right, and climb up the rocks heading up to the pillar to get the bronze key. Now go back, all the way up the ladder, and head left. Go inside the building, and climb up the ladders. You will eventually end up on top of the building, where you will find rockets and a medium medipak. Now go back down. Go forward. Before opening the door ahead of you, go right and get the sniper cartridges. Now open the door, and climb up the ladder. Near the lower edge is some more sniper cartridges, so pick those up. Now head left, then go down. You will see a ladder to climb down, and do so. Open the door, and continue left. Go up, then take a right, opening the door you see. Inside that room is a blue key, so pick it up. Now head all the way back into the large building. If you forgot, reverse the directions I told you above. Exit this building, and take a right. This time, skip the ladder, and go all the way forward. Open the door and get the medium medipak. Now head, back, and take the nearest right. Keep going right, going up when you can no longer go right. On top of a near platform is a small medipak, so make sure to get that. Go left, and open the door when you see it. Climb up the ladder, and head left once again. Jump down unto the platform below you, and head into the portal to exit this last part of the level. After the cutscene with Kano and Jax, you two begin to fight. Kano likes to throw his signature knives, which chase you around and deal you a good deal of damage. Try to dodge the knives, once again trying to get close to him. Be careful, because if you take your time, he'll perform a cannonball on you. Once you get close, he is yours. Just mash on X as fast as you can. If you are running out of health, there is a large medipak on the lower right.