(These are the default controls)

Run Forward - Directional button up
Turn Left or Right - Directional button left or right
Turn Around - Directional button down
Draw Weapon - L2
Look - L1
Fire - Square
High Punch - Square
Low Punch - X
High Kick - Triangle
Low Kick - Circle
Block - R1
Inventory - Select
Action - X (Only in certain areas)
Turbo - R2


Light Ground Pound - Turbo + LP
Hard Ground Pound - Turbo + HP
Light Dash Punch - Turbo + LK
Hard Dash Punch - Turbo + HK

Pick-Up Items:

Free Lives
Grab as many as you can. You'll need them.

Don't pass one of these. Keep your health up, so you can stare down the fists and guns of your opponents.

Look for Machine guns, Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers and Sniper Rifles. They all provide defense against your enemies.

Your gun has no purpose if you don't keep your inventory of ammo. Grab it whenever you can.

There are many doors you can not enter unless you have a key. If you try to enter a restricted door, you will be prompted to get a special key.