Sub-Zero and the Lin Kuei


Somewhere in the northern most parts of Asia, there exists a secret clan of assassins and thieves known as the Lin Kuei.
This group has existed for centuries and thrives on the evil intention of the people who pay for their services.
Its warriors are chosen at birth to be raised apart from the workings of day to day civilization and are stripped of their former lives.
Only the clan knows of their existence. Each of them posses certain skills and abilities that set them apart from normal men.
These abilities are passed on from generation to generation and honed throughout the experiences of life.

Sub Zero learned of his new ability as a young adult. It was passed on to him by his father,
a fourth generation Lin Kuei warrior himself. Among his first missions for the Lin Kuei,
is one that leads him to the Shaolin Temples to steal the Sacred Map of Elements.