For combo's and special tricks press the Start Button and select Moves List.


This are the Fatalities of all the characters, Mokap and Blaze don't have a Fatality
Note, 1,2,3,4 represent the attack buttons (look in the manual what they mean)

Bo Rai Cho: Belly Flop
Back, Back, Back, Down, 4

Johnny Cage: Brain Ripper
Back, Forward, Forward, Down, 2

Kano: Open Heart Surgery
Forward, Up, Up, Down, 1

Kenshi: Telekinetic Crush
Forward, Back, Forward, Down, 3

Kung Lao:Splitting Headache
Down, Up, Back, 3

Li Mei: Super Crush Kick
Forward, Forward, Down, Forward, 4

Mavado: Kick Thrust
Back, Back, Up, Up, 1

Quan Chi: Neck Stretcher
Back, Back, Forward, Back, 3

Scorpion:Spear Head
Back, Back, Down, Back , 4

Shang Tsung: Soul Steal
Up, Down, Up, Down, 2

Sonya: Kiss of Death
Back, Forward, Forward, Down, 2

Sub-Zero: Skeleton Rip
Back, Forward, Forward, Down, 3

CyraX:Claw Smasher
Forward, Forward, Up, 2

Drahmin: Iron Bash
Back, Forward, Forward, Down, 3

Frost: Freeze Shatter
Forward, Back, Up, Down, 1

Hsu Hao: Laser Slicer
Forward, Back, Down, Down, 2

JaX: Head Stomp
Down, Forward, Forward, Down, 2

Kitana: Kiss of Doom
Down, Up, Forward, Forward, 2

Nitara: Blood Thirst
Up, Up, Forward, 1

Raiden: Electrocution
Back, Forward, Forward, Forward, 3

Reptile: Acid Shower
Up, Up, Up, Forward, 3