Noob-Saibot is a shadowy creature from the Netherrealm. One of the brothers of the shadow, Noob-Saibot serves mostly as a spy for Shinnok. His dark appearance makes him perfect for the task. Most recently, he has been spying on the battle between the Earth and Outworld. He was present during Kahn's Outworld tournament, then again during his invasion of Earth. Noob was not quick to challenge any of the warriors involved, although he did fight a few. His main objective was to keep Shinnok informed on the events taking place. After Kahn's defeat, it was Noob-Saibot's information which allowed Quan Chi to find Shinnok's amulet before Rayden. Because of this, Shinnok was able to escape from the Netherrealm. As the battle begins against the Earth realm and Outworld, Noob-Saibot's services as a spy are no longer needed. Instead, he is to fight in the tournament for the Netherrealm. He has also been given the secondary mission to watch Mileena, and to kill her if she disobeys Shinnok's orders. Being completely loyal to his god, Noob-Saibot accepts both missions without question.