Fight as Smoke
At the copyright screen that shows up when you first turn on the game.
hold LEFT on the control pad and hold button A. When the Williams screen
appears, hold RIGHT on the control pad and hold button B. When the
quote screen appears (There is no knowledge that is not power) hold
both the x and y buttons. If you did the kode right, you should see
Smoke walk across the screen that has the "MK3" symbol on it. On the
character select screen, you can now choose Smoke.

Kool Stuff
This kode will allow you to access a cheat menu (kool stuff). At the main
menu screen, (the one that says "start" and "options" do the following on
the control pad:
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, A, B, A.
If you do the kode right, you will hear Shao Kahn laugh and see the
"kool stuff" option appear.
(See Kool Stuff Menu section for options on that menu).

Kooler Stuff
At the menu select screen, press: Select, A, B, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up.

Random Select
Press Up + Start at the Choose Your Fighter screen. Be sure to have the selector positioned where it originally appears.

Scott's Menu
At the menu screen, press: X, B, A, Y, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down

Sound Test
At the menu select screen, press:
A, Y, B, X

Stealth Select
Ok, here's a better way of doing the stealth select. This kode keeps
your opponent from seing who you are going to select. On the character
select screen :
Controller 1: Rotate the control pad counterclockwise
Controller 2: Rotate the control pad clockwise
This motion must be done VERY fast. No need to press select.

Tournament Mode
You can hold button L and button R on and then press start on the menu screen. One thing I found is that if you hold start on the screen and press A, the computer will select your opponent for you. And then there is the "?" The ? simply means that you won't find out which character the computer chose for you until he/she actually pops up in battle. You can also use Random Select in this Mode.


Game Genie Codes
D42E-44D8 - Press A on main menu for Sound Test
D424-17D8 - Press Up on main menu for Kool Stuff Menu
D421-1DD8 - Press Select on main menu for Kooler Stuff Menu
D42B-1FD8 - Press X on main menu for Scott's Menu
6D37-CF02 - Player 2 takes all damage
DD37-CF62 - Player 1 takes all damage
C230-CD62 - Player 1 takes no damage
C239-CD62 - Player 2 takes no damage

For the rest of the codes, MASTER mode must be selected
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DDAE-4FFF - Always fight Kano
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DFAE-4FFF - Always fight Sonya
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D4AE-4FFF - Always fight Jax
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D7AE-4FFF - Always fight Nightwolf
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D0AE-4FFF - Always fight Sub-Zero
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D9AE-4FFF - Always fight Stryker
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D1AE-4FFF - Always fight Sindel
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D5AE-4FFF - Always fight Sektor
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D6AE-4FFF - Always fight Cyrax
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DBAE-4FFF - Always fight Kung Lao
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DCAE-4FFF - Always fight Kabal
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D8AE-4FFF - Always fight Sheeva
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DAAE-4FFF - Always fight Shang Tsung
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D2AE-4FFF - Always fight Liu Kang
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + D3AE-4FFF - Always fight Smoke
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + DEAE-4FFF - Always fight Motaro
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + FDAE-4FFF - Always fight Shao Kahn
CE8F-3FB7 + BA23-3727 + FFAE-4FFF - Always fight Noob-Saibot

Kombat Kodes
On the VS screen (in 2 player mode), both players can cycle through the 6 symbols by pressing Low Punch, Block, and Low Kick. Cycle backwards by pressing UP and the specified button. The numbers below are the number of times you need to hit the button.

0 = MK Dragon
1 = MK Logo
2 = Yin-Yang
3 = Number three
4 = Question Mark
5 = Lightning Bolt
6 = Goro
7 = Raiden
8 = Shao Kahn
9 = Skull

033-564: Winner of the first round fights Shao Kahn
969-141: Winner of the first round fights Motaro
769-342: Winner of the first round fights Noob Saibot
205-205: Winner of the first round fights Smoke
985-125: Psycho Kombat (Dark kombat, Randper kombat, no Blocking)
987-123: No Power Bars
020-020: Blocking Disabled
100-100: Throwing Disabled
466-466: Unlimited Run
460-460: Randper Kombat
688-422: Dark Kombat
642-468: Galaga (Game over for both players after playing)
707-000: Player 1 Quarter Energy
000-707: Player 2 Quarter Energy
033-000: Player 1 Half Energy
000-033: Player 2 Half Energy
239-494: Sweeping Disabled
552-000: Double Damage Player 1
000-552: Double Damage Player 2
552-255: Double Damage Both Players
101-000: Healing Enabled Player 1
000-101: Healing Enabled Player 2
303-303: Healing Enabled Both Players
978-243: Heavy Damage Both Players
334-000: Half Damage Player 1
000-334: Half Damage Player 2
334-433: Half Damage Both Players
202-000: Weakning Enabled Player 1
000-202: Weakning Enabled Player 2
404-404: Weakning Enabled Both Players
972-297: Timer Disabled
978-243: Short Battle
348-279: Half Time
987-666: Hold flippers during casino run (Text)
282-282: No fear = Ed button, Skydive, Max Countdown (Text)
123-926: There is no knowledge that is not power (Text)