Jax is tired of the endless battles and wants to leave.
His friends try to stop him from doing this, but Jax insists on his decision.
He leaves the squad and goes to the house of his dead grandfather.
There he makes the acquaintance of a girl called Ruby. However,
Ruby is one of Shao Kahn's agents.
She tries to find out the location of Earth Warriors's base.
Jax, who didn't expect any danger,
now finds himself captured by Ermac's forces and is imprisoned in a cave under Shao Kahn's castle,
where he was put for torture. Luckily, his friends know about these events and go out to help him.
But the forces are not equal and Earth Realm's troops are surrounded by the evil forces.
It seems that the destruction is inevitable, but at this moment Ruby decides to help the Earth Warriors.
She leads the Earth Warriors through a hidden exit.
Jax realizes that peaceful life is impossible while the Earth is exposed to danger from another realm,
and returns to the team.