Sonya and Sub-Zero go out to find out the plan of the Black Dragon.
Suddenly they are attacked and Sonya was close to death but she was saved by a former member of Black Dragon- Kabal.
Years ago Kabal was one of the best warriors in his clan,
but Shao Kahn thought that he was too dangerous and ordered to destroy him.
By a miracle Kabal survived in his fight with the hired killers,
but his face was vicously scarred. He puts on his mask again and begins a battle against Shao Kahn and the Black Dragon.
Kano and his servants make a Portal to lead the army of evil to other worlds.
With the help of Kabal the earth defenders manage to crush these forces unleashed by Kano and to destroy the Portal.
The Earth Warriors offer Kabal to join them but he chooses the way of a lonely warrior.