Old Friends Never Die

Sub-Zero goes out to meet with his friend Smoke, who unexpectedly returns after being gone for many years.
Sub-Zero and Smoke were the best friends before the chief of the Lin Kuei clan gave the order for automation of the Ninja's.
Sub-Zero managed to run from this, but Smoke was arrested and got the cybernetic body.
Now Sub-Zero wants to know if his old friend still has the soul of a man or if he became only a machine for murder.
Smoke's orders are to annihilate Sub-Zero and the icy warrior is trapped.
His true earth friends come to help him and begin the battle with forces of Lin Kuei.
Smoke's soul was still in his automated body and gets the upperhand, now he finds himself fighting along with his friend Sub-Zero once again.
They go after the leader of Lin Kuei, who possesses the ability to be transformed in animals,
but the strong duo of the ninjas dont give up their chances of the victory.
They defeat their ontime leader and Smoke says goodbye to Sub-Zero and disappears again, possibly until he finds himself again.