Skin Deep

Nightwolf notices a strange emission of energy in the jungle of New Guinea.
The team flies to the place to investigate the unknown phenomenon and encounter the ninja named Rain,
an old friend of princess Kitana.
Rain tells them about Shao Kahn's plans to attack on the sacred temple and to steal the weapon giving unlimited force.
The Earth Warriors agree to help Rain in preventing this and they move towards outworld.
After a battle with outworld forces Kitana and Rain are gone. The fighters are forced to divide, Sonya, Jax,
Sub-zero and Raiden go to protect the earth, Liu Kang and Stryker go out to find Kitana.
Finding Kitana's fan Liu and Stryker are able to trace Kitana down in the sacred temple where they find her chained.
Rain was a traitor, and now Liu Kang isn't on earth to defend it.
Liu Kang battles Rain, but the temple collapses and the heroes are forced to run to a portal which is open,
and they arrive in time to help Raiden defend the Earth Realm.