Acid Tongue

A new dangerous enemy of earth appears, creatures of a strange reptilian race appear before the earth warriors.
During the attacks that follow the acid of one of the reptiles hits Jax's cybernetic arms.
As a result of it the important microchip gets lost and his arms don't function anymore.
Because of this Jax loses his selfconfidence.
Sonya returns to the place where battle was fought to find the microchip and help her friend.
However a reptile manages to kidnap Sonya.
Because there are also other battles to be fought,
the Earth Warriors decide to split up: the larger part of the team take of to a kombat with Sheeva's warriors, as for Jax,
he starts his search to find his partner, Sonya.
In his desire to help Sonya, Jax forgets about cyber hands and defeats the reptile on his own.
At the same time the rest of the warriors manage to win their battle too.